Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Vacation

I returned from vacation earlier this week and am getting back into the swing of "real life" again.  I visited Myrtle Beach, SC with my family and then went to visit my mom and Don who recently moved to the mountains of NC.  It was a real treat getting two weeks away from work and Portland.  Since I decided to make and sell clothes on Etsy I've forgotten how to enjoy doing nothing.  I have the need to be constantly productive.   This year at the beach I remembered how to relax- for five days at least, until Dewey and Harper met me in Brevard, NC for a week packed full of sightseeing.  I've borrowed these beach photos from my sister, Christie's blog- she is way better at documenting things that I am.

The fam- all decked out in Burt's Surf Shop tees, the offical family portrait uniform


My ridiculously adorable nephews
I did manage to take some photos in the mountains.  Embarrassingly I took about 20 photos of an abandoned warehouse and zero photos of my mom.

Asheville farmers market

At Dupont State Forest

General Store in Saluda, NC

Checkers anyone?

Some ingenius person added a trailer onto their house

Morris Cove Falls

That's me, on Sliding Rock- a natural water slide

Warehouse in Asheville

Not quite your tradition vacation photos, but a documentation of what caught my eye.  I can't even try to capture the beauty of what can be seen from the Blue Ridge Parkway or the lushness of Pisgah Forest so I don't really try.  It's a lovely area and I can't wait to come back and visit my mom and explore some more.  Now, back to work....