Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day

Yesterday was earth day, and it was the most beautiful day Portland has seen all year.  We decided to celebrate by going to the Portland Nursery and picked out plants for the garden.  Everyone one else in Portland seemed to have the same idea- the place was packed with green thumbs and their dogs.  We got herbs, greens, peas and flowers and ferns.  Which means that I have a lot of planting to do today!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Inspiration of the day

I just discovered Creatures of the Wind via the Style Rookie blog a couple days ago.  I think the name sounds like a Hayao Miyazaki film.  The clothes are a mismash of of all decades from the 20s and onward, which I love.  Their F/W 2012 collection has patchwork, embroidery, lace, leather, metal studs, tweed and plaids.  And I'm such a sucker for embroidery and patchwork- the detailed images are what caught my eye.  The attention to detail is amazing.  I love it.

Find more photos of the show on

To see more detailed photos of the garments visit Style Rookie

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Snowstorms in springtime and a birthday

I just spent the last week in California with Dewey and Harper in hopes of sunshine and warm weather since that doesn't come around Portland until June or July.  We ended up driving through quite the snowstorm around Mount Shasta which took us by surprise.  

I was so nervous and I wasn't the one driving.  Did I mention that we were going over MOUNTAINS!?

Luckily it was not snowing in Chico, just a little blustery with some rainshowers- not quite what we expected from central California in spring but it was better than what was going on in Portland (rain rain rain rain rain).  The one day of sunshine that we did get in Chico was on my birthday. It must have been a birthday present from God.  Thanks up there!

I also got a book I've been coveting for the past couple years, from the best boyfriend in the whole world.  A giant, gorgeous book of photographs by Tim Walker, my favorite fashion photographer.

Thanks boyfriend!