Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Silver Falls

So, as most of you know, northwestern United States is a very rainy place.  It rains and rains and rain from about October to June.  In June it is supposed to clear up and be sunny and beautiful for the next 3 or 4 months.  This June has been pretty awful, full of gloomy skies, cool weather and rain (though today is perfectly sunny and warm).

On Monday it stopped raining for a spell, so we headed out to Silver Falls for a hike, and we got to enjoy all the beauty that comes from 9 months of rain- a lush forest with a thousand shades of green and powerful waterfall.  It was so breathtakingly beautiful, I just had to share.

These are the reasons that I manage to stick around this wet and dreary place, year after year.  It's spectacular when it stops raining for long enough to enjoy it.


  1. Beautiful haven't been there in a while. Have you ever hiked up black rock? Easy and fun.

  2. No, I've never hiked Black Rock. Is it near Bend?