Monday, June 20, 2011

Sauvie Island

 One of our favorite places to go when the weather is nice, is to Sauvie Island.  It is an island in the Columbia River that is full of farms and wildlife preserves.  We heard that the strawberries had ripened so we went to see for ourselves.

Dewey and Harper slaving away in the field

This is before my 3 hour long sneezing fit from allergies

Harper showing off our harvest- 7 pounds of berries!

After berry picking we drove around the island for a while.  Dewey found this ancient grocery store, completely surrounded by trees.

I spotted this giant birds nest.   
When I got up close this little guy peeked over the edge to get a good look at me, 
then started calling for his mom.
All in all, a lovely day.

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  1. i wish i was in portland, eating strawberries with yall! love you.