Sunday, July 10, 2011

California Dreaming

It took me a little while to get back in the swing of things after our trip to California.  I was having such a nice vacation that I only wanted to come back to see my cat.  But, now I'm back to work and life (and looking forward to my trip to the Carolinas in a few weeks).  We went to Chico to visit Dewey's mom and went swimming in Bidwell Park.  I'm more of a sit on a rock and drink a beer kinda girl than a swimmer.

Hanging out in Chico Creek
Then we went camping for a couple days in Tahoe National Forest.  We miraculously managed to find a nearly empty campground on Fourth of July weekend.
We visited Lake Tahoe and it was as beautiful as I imagined.  Harper was a trooper and hiked in her flip-flops- she'll do anything to get to swim.

Then we explored Grass Valley and Nevada City, two very charmy little towns that made you feel like you were being tranported back to the wild west.  We also visited the Empire Mine State Park which was a gold mining operation from 1850-1956 and had 367 miles of mine shafts going as far as 8000 feet underground.  It was pretty mind blowing.

Down the mine shaft

Kinda looks like a rollercoaster ride
The mine owners' cottage

We ended out trip by watching the fireworks over Lake Oroville, which was preceded by this beautiful sunset.  A picturesque ending to a wonderful trip.

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  1. "A clean place is a safe place." Ah, a motto to remember.