Saturday, July 27, 2013

Handmade with Love

I got a package in the mail yesterday with this cute printed label....

My stepdad, Don, retired a few years ago.  Though he has always been a handy man, he found found his artistic side when he had more time on his hands.  It started with a wooden cutout of a fish that he crafted and then painted quite beautifully.  The fish turned out so well that he ended up making dozens, and then came bird paintings and other critters, too.  Now he successfully sells them in a handmade goods shop in downtown Brevard, NC where he and my mom live.  I've been so impressed with his success.  My mom is a wonderful painter as well, so they have quite the little art studio going at the moment.

His latest creative venture made it to me yesterday.  He and my mom crafted and stained dozens of buttons for me to used on my clothing in various sizes and stains.  Check out my goodies....

And that's only half of them!
I'm so excited to put them to use.  Thanks Don and Mom!

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  1. These are pretty cool and they totally go with your stuff! Do you you go to any of these fairs in Portland? I'd love to see you stuff in person it really is so beautiful and I would love to own a sundress!