Friday, September 6, 2013

With Fall Comes Change

I've always been one to embrace change, whether it be as minor as a haircut or as major as a move across the U.S., I find a change is always a breath of fresh air and a good way get out of a rut.  This last month has been an onslaught of change and activity which has me feeling great, if not a bit overwhelmed.

I'm envisioning a fresh coat of yellow pain and lots of flowers....

First of all, I am  now a homeowner, a day I was not sure I would see.  Dewey and I just bought a cute little bungalow built 102 years ago.  It charmed us at first sight, though it's definitely a fixer.  The worst part of buying of the house was moving all the things that we had managed to accumulate in the last seven years of living at our rental house.  I had boxes that I had not even unpacked from my last move. The best part is painting and decorating and making it our own, which I'm sure will keep us busy for years to come.  I'm planning on taking some carpentry classes this coming year in hopes of becoming a somewhat handy(wo)man.

Also, I have taken over the biggest room in the house for my new sewing studio.  I'm still stuck in the basement, but this one has four windows that open and decent lighting and plenty of room for all the fabric I have amassed in the last few years.

Slinging books at Powells
Taken by Scott Ryan- coworker
and photographer extraordinaire 
I also just worked my last day at Powells yesterday which means that I will be dedicating all my time and energy to Love To Love You, which I am very excited about.  I'm looking forward to having more time to flesh out new ideas, grow as a designer and finally learn how to use my serger.  I'm also planning on opening a vintage shop on Etsy as well since I have amassed a good amount of dresses that I will never have the occasion to wear.  This also gives me an excuse to thrift shop, since it is one of my favorite activities.  To get paid to shop is my other dream job.

Finally, I am going to Europe in just a few days with Dewey, on his Plankton Wat tour for three glorious weeks.  I'm so excited as it has been 12 years since I was last there.  I'll be sure to post some photos upon my return...hopefully of more than the inside of of music venues and a rental car.   Just days after my return I will be heading back out on a long weekend to Detroit for my yearly college roommate reunion.   After that it will be time to hunker down and sew and get to fixing up my new home as the rains come.  For the first time in my Portland life I am welcoming fall with open arms.

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  1. Congratulations on your new home it's so sweet! I think the best part will be your new work space! I wish you all the best with love to love you and one of these days I hope to get a dress from you but it would have to be custom my boobs are too big for pretty much all your dress and I do adore them!
    Can't wait to see how you grow!