Monday, March 19, 2012

My new wheels

Check out my new wheels....

Just kidding- though I would totally drive this car.  

I just got a new bike!  A lovely old Schwinn Varsity.  My first 10 speed actually (I feel like such a big girl now).  Now I just need a basket and I'm good to go.

This is my new theme song- Bicycle Race by Queen


  1. that looks like our old crazy neighbor's car. i'm pretty sure its ghost still roams around springfield. ps sweet bike. color me envious :) loveyou.

  2. A car made out of cars, heh heh. It's a pretty cool creation when you think about it. The surface of the car has a different look, when you look at it from far away and compare it up close. It's as if the car has two different textures...

    --Leisa Dreps

  3. "Fat Bottom Girls, you make the rockin' world round."

  4. That surely is one cool Volks! Well, people are bound to notice this unique car when they see it on the streets! I like the two horses that seem to leap out on the front side of the vehicle, and the collection of matchbox and figures that cover the entire front side of the vehicle. This Volks rocks!

    -Ernest Houston

  5. If the horse's power and the car's engine will combine their energy, how fast that car can be? LOL! Too bad that it is not really your car, but I love the bike right there. Does it already have a basket? - [Patrick Gauer]