Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Party likes it's 2012

I was on browsing more of the fall shows for inspiration and came upon the completely wacky and wonderful photos of the Meadham Kirchhoff show.  The models looked like Mrs. Ziggy Stardust at a rave.  I would love to get an invite to that party.

Some of them were way over the top and some of them were quite wearable.  I especially love the sequin suit.

Take a little look see....

Okay, I'm warning you... this last one is truely bizarre.  This is how they chose to end the show.  I wonder what planet she is supposed to be from.

I love how truely weird the show is- the mashup of color, the giant fur tails, the makeup, the haphazard neon wigs.  I would love to know what music they were playing as the girls walked down the runway.  They must have had a total blast putting this show together.  See the rest of the show HERE.

And I'll leave you with a David Bowie video in which he is wearing an amazing quilted pantsuit.

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