Friday, March 23, 2012

It's sunny somewhere

So, two nights ago it snowed- in March- a couple days after spring officially started.  I prefer the snow to the endless rain, but it sure isn't making our spring very spring-like.  However I realize that other parts of the country are enjoying much more balmy weather so I decided to make my first sundress of the year.  I found this dress pattern while thrifting on the coast....

Isn't she just adorable?
It's so simple, yet so incredibly cute.  I don't usually sew from patterns because I like to design my own, but this one cannot be beat.  I used a vintage tapestry I scored from Village Merchant for the fabric and burgundy bias tape for the shoulder straps.  Here it is...

I just posted it up on Etsy.  I'm looking forward to making more out of a variety of fabrics, but I love the bohemian look of the dark floral.  Hurry up spring!  I want to trade in my sweaters for sundresses.

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