Monday, April 18, 2011

Bunny Love

Yesterday we had a handsome houseguest with gorgeous eyes and luscious black hair.  His name is Stew and he's a dreamboat- and a bunny.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Stew.
He is Harper's class bunny, and he gets to go home with students on the weekends.  This time he was good and didn't chew up the internet cable, he just nibbled on some houseplants.  

Harper giving Stew (more) rabbit ears

I think he looks good in our house.  I think we should get to keep him.

This weekend was my first softball practice for the Mississippi Wreckers.  I was a little rusty having not picked up a ball since last August, but it was so much fun to be back in the field.   It was a rare sunny spring day which was even better.
This is the team photo from the Wreckers first season, two years ago.  We were last in the league that year, but we still look pretty happy in this photo.  I'm the one crouching down on the far left.  This is the only time you will see a photo of me in a pair of shorts.
The first year we were last place and last year we made it to the playoffs, so at the rate we are improving, I think League Champions is a possibility this year.

I've managed to fit in some sewing around softball and petting a bunny.  Here is a photo of my newest creation.
Soul Sister Dress
I cut up an African dashiki and used it for the top of the dress and backing to the pockets and I LOVE the way it turned out.  Now I am on the hunt for more dashikis.

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