Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Saturday- Extinct volcanoes, crows, and cold blooded killers

Yesterday was divine, with temperatures nearing 70, it felt almost hot.  I did some sewing in the morning and then I enjoyed a sunshiney walk to Mt. Tabor, our friendly neighborhood volcano.  Friendly, because it hasn't erupted in quite a long time.  I walked up to the reservoir and found a nice tree to sit under and read Swamplandia! which is a gorgeous and fantastical and a little scary.
                                         Briar Rose Skirt by Love To Love You on Etsy
                                   Enchanted Forest Skirt by Love To Love You on Etsy
I found this great woodland inspired fabric at Cool Cottons on Hawthorne.  They get the most amazing japanese fabrics.  I want all of them!
Say hello to my drinking water
my ceiling
What I'm reading...
On my way to the park, I passed this tree full of crows, having a crow convention.  I love seeing them all in a group together.  Some evenings you can see dozens of them flying in one direction and it seems like they all have a place that they meet up to talk about the days events.  I wish I could understand what they are cawing about.

Then I came home and watched a really intense movie called Night Of The Hunter that was really beautiful, surreal and creepy. It was made Robert Mitchum makes a really great bad guy with the words love and hate tattooed across his knuckle (in the 1930s) and an ever present switchblade knife in his pocket.  He had me a little afraid to turn out the lights and go to bed.

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