Saturday, April 30, 2011

Out Of Africa

On Thursday night I went to the Hollywood Theater to see two documentaries put together by the founders of the record label, Sublime Frequencies.  The short films recorded their journeys through Niger and India. I always thought that I wanted to visit India.  I love all the photos I've seen of the markets and colorful clothes and beautiful people, but watching the film made me dizzy with all the people and constant movement and noise.  It was pretty overwelming just to watch on a screen.

The film on Niger was a little more slow moving since he filmed in rural areas.  The people seem to live out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by desert and marshland, but most of the film showed them dancing, singing and playing instruments, making the most of what they had.  It seemed that they did not use power sources for day to day life, however they had microphone and electric guitars and amplifiers and portable stereos.  If that was the only thing they used a power source for, I think it is really telling on what they find important- music and art and each others company.  It was really beautiful.

All the women were dancing around in head scarves and floor length dresses in the most amazing colors and patterns.  I love African fabrics and the way they are mixed and matched, for not having much, they make the most out of what they have, dressing beautifully and painting their rustic houses with bright colors and geometric shapes and enjoying music.  The film was very inspiring.

You can watch the film here...
Check out Hisham Mayet's other videos here

I am loving these fabrics...

Here are some photos from Duro Olowu's fall 2011 collection taken from featuring ethnic prints and some amazing fabric combinations, giving a modern twist to traditional African dress.

These clothes from Jonathan Saunders' Fall 2011 collection, also taken from, have a great mix of colors and patterns, though the silouette are much more modern.

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