Friday, April 8, 2011


so, i set up this page shortly after the new year, it being one of my new years resolutions to start a blog.  aaaaand, now it's April, it's about time right?  i can justify it by saying that it's the start of my 31st year, since i had my birthday a week ago.  so, maybe I'm right on time.

so, why a blog?  i want to share a little bit about myself with my awesome customers.  i think it's nice to know where your clothes are coming from, and what inspired them.  also, so my friends and family can see what I am up to since most of us live far away from each other.  so, i hope you all enjoy a little peek into my life.

today is warmest day we have had all year, and it is making our first blooms very very happy.

i'm going to sit on the porch now, and soak up the sunshine.  

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