Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I love looking through old photographs that one can usually find in boxes in vintage stores.  I always want to know a bit more about the serious children dressed in their best, or the bride all in white.  Who were they, where did they live, why did the photos end up in a second hand store?  I could look through them for hours.

 So, when at Powell's one day I was thrilled to come across the book Disfarmer.  Mike Disfarmer was born Mike Meyer.  He claimed that a tornado had picked him up as a child and deposited them with the Meyer family.  Meyer meant farmer in german, and dis- means not in german, therefore he was Disfarmer.  He was the town photographer for Heber Springs, Arkansas during the Great Depression and through World War II.

I love women's fashion in the photos, so most of the photos here are of women.   Even as poor as these people may have been during the country's hard times, I can't help but admire their style.   I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

I love the grass skirt.  I wonder if her soldier brought it back for her from his time overseas.

She looks so elegant with her caplet and dress with velvet sleeves

The book is filled with the photographs he took during this time period.  According to the book many men in the service would take photos to give to their loved ones while away, and the family would take photos of themselves for their servicemen to take with them while fighting the war.  

Tough Guys

Isn't she adorable?  And that dress is amazing, even with a button missing

A man's best friends

I love the awkward body language in this one


My favorite photo from the book- I wish I was friends with these ladies

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